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Quality Control

Quality Control

Quality control and ensuring the quality of permanent magnets and electromagnets to be supplied to our customers is significant. Quality control for permanent magnets and its know-how is a significant part of our customer service.

Inspection of permanent magnets is quite tricky. You have to control the manufacturing process and inspect everything.
From raw materials, process parameters, machining equipment, and more. Regular controls are performed both in Magma and also
at our partners’ sites overseas in accordance with Magma’s standards.

It is essential to understand that permanent magnets cannot be inspected 100% for all their characteristics and measurements. It is not possible for mass production when you would like to lower costs. That is why quality inspection for magnets is done by fully examining a few samples, and the process has to be controlled accurately to ensure the quality of the magnets. Managing the process is one of Magma’s expertise.

We are capable of quality control to match each requirement of our customers. We are at your service if 100% quality control over magnets is required. You can read under this section of our website on different aspects of magnets and electromagnets tests and measurements.

Aside from producing and supplying magnets, Magma provides professional advice in developing new products and prototypes. A team of professionals equipped with our state-of-art laboratory and engineering equipment is at your service to help with every request and inquiry.

Magma prides itself in our high-standard quality control. Meticulous inspections are executed regularly, both by machine and by trained professionals.


Magma is certified under the ISO 9001: 2015 standards.

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