AlNiCo materials, composed primarily of alloys of Aluminum, Nickel, and Cobalt are characterized by excellent temperature stabilities, high residual inductions, and relatively high energy.alnico

At around 800°C, AlNiCo alloys have some of the highest Curie points of any magnetic material on the commercial market. It is found in extensive use in applications requiring high working temperatures of up to 450°C.

AlNiCo Permanent Magnets are manufactured in either a casting or sintering process. Cast magnets may be manufactured in complex shapes. AlNiCo magnets are cast close to final size and then machine-finished to close tolerances. Sintered AlNiCo offer slightly lower magnetic properties but better mechanical characteristics. AlNiCo has a low coercive force, and is easily demagnetized if not handled with care.

Some types of AlNiCo are isotropic and can therefore be efficiently magnetized in any direction. Other types, such as AlNiCo 5, 8 and AlNiCo 12, are anisotropic, having a preferred direction of magnetization, or orientation.

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