Magnetic design to cost

One of the most important aspects of magnetic design optimizing, is being able to design to cost. Magnets are used for their magnetic properties and its magnetic field. These are affected by many parameters, and some of them are not obvious at all. The best example is the magnet shape, different shaped magnets, with the same mass, grade etc., will have different magnetic fields or magnetic pulling strength and basically behave differently. Yes, it seems strange or even illogical to engineers that do not practice magnetic design but let’s remember that we are not interested in the magnetic designmaterial itself, we are interested in the magnetic field that is being created by this magnet, or the flux lines between the magnet’s south pole to its north pole and this are affected by the magnet shape and even its height/width ratio.

Examples of redesign options:

  • Samarium cobalt magnets (series 5) to cheaper neodymium magnets grade AH (new neodymium magnets that have higher working temperatures.
  • N55 neodymium magnets – use stronger (and new) grade to save space or decrease cost by using smaller (and therewise cheaper) magnets.
  • Heat conditions – optimizing the magnet in heat conditions requires specific know how.

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