Round electromagnets

Round electromagnets generate a magnetic field when supplied with power, these electromagnets; sometimes called “holding electromagnets” are used, for example, for holding or carrying magnetic metals. Generally speaking, this type of electromagnets is used when the magnetic field is required to work (magnetic field on) up to 50% of

Round Electromagnets


Electromagnets are frequently used in door latches, automation lines & machinery, fire safety doors, animal feeding applications and many more. Small electromagnets are used in many magnetic applications and are a very useful solution.

The electromagnet holding force is measured without an air gap (and it will be weaker the air gap grow).

Standard electromagnets are designed to use 24V or 12V. The items listed below are our 24V electromagnets. 12V electromagnets have similar size and adhesive force (the catalog numbers for 12V electromagnets can be found in the data sheet).  110V and 220V are available by request, as well as custom designed electromagnets.

Our standard round electromagnets

Item#Type /Ø mmHeight

B mm

Rated power (W)Adhesive Force(N)weight (kg)
4140001Ø1010130.004data sheet
4140003Ø12121100.008data sheet
4140005Ø15151.4200.014data sheet
4130010Ø18111.4450.015data sheet
4140013Ø20151.8700.027data sheet
4140015Ø25203.21500.055data sheet
4140020Ø32223.62500.105data sheet
4140025Ø40255.24700.190data sheet
4140030Ø50276.57600.318data sheet
4140035Ø6330910000.55data sheet
4140040Ø80381524001.175data sheet
4140045Ø1004320.534002.01data sheet
4141050Ø1505637.293005.9data sheet
4141055Ø18063501500010.18data sheet
4142060Ø25080903000025.9data sheet
4142065Ø2751101404000039data sheet
4143070Ø3001301404500045data sheet

Interested in one of our standard electromagnets? Tailor made electromagnets? We will be happy to assist.