Magnetic design

Magma specializes in magnetic design. We offer our customer custom magnet design(permanent magnets) to maximize fit our customer’s needs, optimize the magnets performance,  its magnetic field, behavior in heat conditions, force over air gap and more. We design electromagnets (custom made) and solenoids with special request from our customers, where they cannot use our standard electromagnets. We also design and consult to our customers in building a magnetic application as a Finite element analysis (whole (and we can supply as well, please look at our magnetic assemblies page). these are all part of our regular customer services and usually free of charge. Please try our magnetic consulting services.

More complicated magnetic designs usually take more time and resources, sometimes we will recommend using FEM analysis as well. Magma could design magnetic coupling, Halbach, dipoles,  and more.

Our engineering department has a very good experience in magnetic motor design. During the years we practice the design of quite a few DC motors, step motors, VCM and more.  Magma’s engineering department will be happy to assist you.

Please contact us for any questions regarding magnetic application design, Finite element analysis, special magnets and generally R&D how to Questions? Our experts will be happy to assist.