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Custom Solenoids

Custom solenoids

Custom solenoids are designed by our engineering team. We make custom solenoids that are better fitted to our customers’ application.

What are custom made solenoids?

Well, it could be as simple as a different shaped plunger, higher heat resistance, force (etc.) is required. Sometimes even small details, color, special wiring or coating. Basically, any kind of requirements are different than our standard solenoids. Understanding your needs is the key to develop custom made solenoids that will perform better than off-the-shelf products.

Electromagnets design principles & targets

Customizing an electromagnet according to customer’s requirements can be targeted by or required as a result off:

  • Power / holding force – including heat affects study.
  • Force over gap – a gap between electromagnet and ferromagnetic work pieces
  • Effect on work surfaces
  • Heat & environmental requirements – electromagnets generate heat (Ohmic heating because of the resistance of the windings). Different designs can control heat and improve performance.
  • Special sizes to fit customer’s application
  • Magnetic field requirements: precise magnetic field, special magnetic curve.
  • Materials
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