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Magnetic Coupling

Magnetic Couplings

Magnetic coupling is used to transfer power. They are used transfers force between 2 different magnetic fields, which have no physical connection. The advantage of magnetic coupling is its capability to transfer power without any direct touch. For example, it is very useful for vacuum applications because they do not require direct contact. The inner rotor could be placed in the vacuum section, and it can deliver power using its magnetic fields. No seals are required, and it’s an elegant engineering solution.

Magma designs and manufacture:

  • Standard magnetic couplings
  • custom-made magnetic couplings


Another advantage of using magnetic fields to transfer movement is that the coupling is not worn out because it has no physical contact between its parts. A good example is transferring from a motor to an impeller (used in pumps); the magnetic coupling will not wear out or cause leakage as in a regular coupling that will wear out.

magnetic coupling mass production

Very useful in aggressive environment like corrosive liquids or gases, low temperatures or contamination danger,  Magnetic mixer is also actually a type of magnetic coupling.
Magma can design and manufacture all types of magnetic couplings. We can help with the design of a new coupling, and we have the knowledge and the right tool for designing it. please have a look at our magnetic simulation service web page. Usually, custom magnetic coupling requires careful design and magnetic simulation (FEA) is recommended.

Magnetic coupling parts & principle of operation

Magnetic coupling is actually an outer magnetic round rotor and an inner rotor combined. both rotors are built with permanent magnets aligned north and south (north faced magnets near south face magnets and so on). While the outer rotor rotates clockwise, the inner rotor will follow because north pole faced magnets will attract the opposite (south aligned) magnet in the inner rotor.

Inner and outer rotors can be designed in different ways to match your company requirement. Please have a look in the different types of inner and outer rotors. please contact us for more information.


  • Magnetic torque transmission, clean and efficient.
  • Big transmission torque, with small size.
  • Stable properties, wear free, long life time.
  • Magnetic coupling are widely used to solve leakage problems in industrial pumps, reaction kettles, valves, hydraulic c

Standard magnetic coupling

Our standard coupling, on the shelf solution for magnetic transferring of power. No direct contact, just magnetic fields to transfer movement between both moving parts of the coupling.

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