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High temperatures neodymium magnets

High temperatures neodymium magnets

The new Neodymium grades N30AH, N33AH, N35AH and N38AH grades, are grades of high temperatures neodymium magnets. AH series neodymium offer an exciting new choice with a working temperature up to 240˚ (while the EH series has a working temperature of 200°).  Those grades are quite new and available for Magma customers. The N38AH grade was just recently developed for commercial use .

These new grades could be used in magnetic applications with higher temperatures then before. So, when designing new applications with working temperature up to 240˚ celsius, this is an interesting option. Those high temperatures neodymium magnets could also be an option to replace the more expensive samarium cobalt magnets. The AH series neodymium could replace the samarium cobalt 5 series magnets that has a working temperature up to 250˚ Celsius,

Our experts will be happy to assist you and give you more information about Neodymium magnets for high temperatures. When approaching redesign of the magnetic applications in order to switch from samarium cobalt magnets to neodymium for high temperatures we have to consider the different magnetic characteristics of these magnets, and especially the behavior under different temperatures. Our team will be happy to assist your company in this matter.

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