Plastics integrated magnets

Magnets are assembled into plastics in for different uses. We call it plastics integrated magnets.  Usually, magnets are utilized within plastics in order to be used as mechanical connector. Magnets can be implemented to plastics by inserting them to slots. Sometimes we use gluing. Sometimesplastic covered magnetic coupling magnets are placed in the plastic mold before the molding process. Of course, you should avoid to use magnets that cannot withstand the molding temperature. Simply look at the magnets maximum working temperature. It should be more than the temperature used for molding. You have to avoid loss of magnetic properties. Usually it can happen only with neodymium magnets.

There are many benefits of in combining magnets with plastics. Magnets that are placed within the plastic correctly could be undamaged by impact for example. The whole assembly, when designed correctly is easy to plastic device with magnet
use or assembled.

Magma can supply your company with the whole solution. Plastics integratedmagnets are the kind of magnetic assembly that could beneficial to some companies. It could save time and money. Magma can supply most types of plastics, shapes and sizes. Please contact us for more information.

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