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Welcome to Magma Magnets!

About Magma

Magma has been an industrial magnets supplier since 1979. We supply custom made permanent  industrial magnets (all types and grades) , and cutting-edge magnetic solutions on a global scale. Our experts will support your magnetic needs and are here to answer your questions. We sell industrial magnets to our customers.

Through the years we have specialized in the research and incorporation of magnets for all industries and applications – from Ferrite magnets and NdFeb Magnets, through magnetic assemblies for automobiles to magnetically controlled waterline systems ensuring steady flow and use of green energy.

Our industrial magnets

Magma sells and designs Ferrite magnets, as well as Rare Earth Neodymium magnets and Samarium-Cobalt magnets. We offer custom-made magnets, fit to your unique needs. Our services include designing, advising and immaculate quality control examinations, suitable for the highest standards worldwide. We have a fully functioning state-of-the-art laboratory equipped with the best machinery, and offer magnetic simulation for both prototypes and existing products.

Products & Services

Industrial magnets

Magma design and sell all types of permanents industrial magnets available for commercial use. We can  supply custom designed magnets, mass production permanent magnets as well as samples for your company’s R&D. We are familiar with automotive & aviation demands, and we can also supply medical grade magnets. Our team will be happy to assist you and help you choose the best magnetic solution for your requirements.

Our magnets for sale:

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Magma is supplying most electromagnets types but mostly DC electromagnets (round and rectangular electromagnets). Magma has a set of standard round and standard rectangular sizes which are detailed in on this site.

We can supply any electromagnets according to your company electromagnets specifications (different voltage, wiring, coating and more).

Permanent electromagnets and small round electromagnets are our expertise. We also specialize in designing and supplying custom-made electromagnets.

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Designing magnetic application and consulting our customers is one of the, if not our biggest added value. Magma engineering team will be happy to assist your R&D in any questions related to magnetic applications.

Magma offers state of the art FEM analysis services, and can magnetic simulationsimulate the behavior of your company magnetic application.

Please check our Design to cost page for more interesting information. Magma is actively involved in all aspect of designing new magnetic applications (or redesigning others), prototyping and of course supplying permanent magnets, electromagnets and magnetic applications to its customers.

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Magma designs and manufactures magnetic assemblies for her customers. Magma hadmanufactured various magnetic applications to its customers including FMR, dipoles, magnetic coupling, magnetic fixtures and many more.

Please visit our Magnetic assemblies web page for further information and examples of magnetic assemblies.

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Magma sells magnets & electromagnets to different customers situated in most sections of the world industry. During the years, Magma had developed many magnetic applications for her customers, including high end magnetic soluindustrytions, for example for aviation and military applications.

Needless to say, Magma is elling  industrial magnets and electromagnets to many different customers. Magma’s team will be happy to assist your company, R&D, prototyping, magnetic design, mass production, special grades or shapes – we know our business and will be happy to supply you with information, magnets sample and help.

Please the different industries pages for more information.

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Magma – The single source for all your magnetic needs

Our engineering division will gladly assist you to help optimize the use of our magnets in your product.