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Properties of neodymium magnets

Neo magnets are graded by two major criteria: Magnetic value and resistance to temperature. Grades & properties of neodymium magnets are important to their performance.

The industrial use of neodymium magnets is is a compact magnet, highly efficient and cost-effective compare with other magnets. Neo magnets are demonstrating high remanence and coercivity. For high Br check out the new N55 grade neodymium magnets. By changing the type of alloy, it is possible to control of the magnetic value and adapt the strength of the magnet to the required application. Dysprosium and Terbium are added to the alloy to maintain and improve the magnet’s properties. This enables use at high temperatures making these magnets able to withstand working temperatures of up to 240°C with the NAH neodymium magnets series.

Neodymium rare earth magnets are researched and developed constantly to improve their properties. Magma team will be happy to assist you and find the right magnetic solution to your company needs. We are trying to introduce these magnets to new industries and functions.

Here are the grades & properties of neodymium magnets:

pdfneodymium magnetic characterstics

Behavior under different temperature:

The neodymium magnetic characteristics described above are measured at room temperature (20°C). As we all know, magnetic properties of neo magnets are affected by their temperatures. As temperature rise, any magnet will loose some of its magnetic properties. For more information please have a look in our permanent magnet stability page. That is the reason why working temperature is so important. Actual working temperature range will help us calculate the required magnetic forces. Maximum working temperature will determine the grade required. There are more parameters to consider. You can ask for typical BH curve. We can simulate the magnet behavior (and its surrounding) with our designated software. Finally, we are able to check the magnets themselves to make sure your company will have the right performance. Please contact us for more information.

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