Magnetic laboratory services

Magma’s magnetic laboratory is capable of checking most available commercial magnets and electromagnets. Our laboratory is equipped with all the necessary magnetic measurements equipment. Most of our equipment is of German origin. The equipment used for permanent magnetic laboratorymagnets was purchased from Magnet-Physik, a well known and experienced magnets testing equipment producer.

Our laboratory mission and commitment is to make sure that all the magnets that have the proper magnetic characteristics. Our goal is to make sure that the magnets are suitable to our customer requirementsmagnetic laboratoryents. Magma laboratory is one of its kind in Israel. Our employees have long experience and vast knowledge in permanent magnets. Our added value to our customer is simple. We check each batch of magnets. Therefore, we make sure our customer will receive high quality magnets. Obviously, our clients do not need to use special and expensive magnetic testing equipment.

Our laboratory works according to European or American standards, Depending on the customer’s demands. Magma is also committed to any kind of extra test required by the customer.

Please contact us for any questions regarding magnetic application design, Finite element analysis, special magnets and generally R&D how to Questions? Our experts will be happy to assist.