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Custom made ferrite magnets

Most of the mass production ferrite magnets is basically custom made ferrite magnets. Ferrite magnets are made according to the customer requirements. The tooling that is required to produce these magnets are specifically made and used only to manufacture this specific item. It enables to manufacture the magnets more precisely with less mechanical impacts. It is a simple rule, good mold equals less grinding. Less grinding to ceramic magnets is less cracks and chips.

Each custom made magnets has its own special requirements and characteristics. It can be different magnetic properties. a different  grade or finishing. Each customer has his own magnet fitted to his application and assembly line. corners could have different radiuses. The phases could have different finishing, sizes and even tolerances.

Mass production should be efficient to benefit both customer and manufacturer. Customer that order custom made magnets can control shape, size, tolerances, finishing, magnetic orientation, its magnetic properties and more. Off course, the idea is to perfectly match your magnets to your application and manufacturing process. Magma specialized in custom made ferrite magnets. Please have a look in our “how to order magnets section for more information, or contact us and we will be happy to support your company.

custom made ferrite magnets
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