Rectangular Electromagnets

Rectangular electromagnets

Rectangular electromagnets (sometimes also called block electromagnets). Our standard rectangular electromagnets are specially designed for direct and powerful holding force and performance. We design and sell custom rectangular electromagnets as well. Please use the contact form to ask for quotation or more information about our electromagnets.

rectangular electromagnets

Electromagnet in rectangular shape or actually box shape, which is used for holding, carrying and fixing of ferromagnetic work pieces. Rectangular electromagnets have the ability to hold and release ferrous material on command. Simply, by turning the current on and off.

These are flat faced electromagnets that should be used while in contact with the metal.
These electromagnets are not used over an air gap. It’s magnetic field is kind of “flat” and is not suitable to work over an air gap.

Our standard block electromagnets are  can also give you some clue to the range of holding power / size that could be achieved with these type of electromagnets, and Magma can design custom made block electromagnets according to customer request (different size, voltage and more). Magma standard rectangular electromagnets maximum length is 1000mm.

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