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Holding Magnets

Holding Magnets

Holding magnets, or pot magnets, are simple magnetic assemblies that are used for holding. The magnet is glued in their pot shaped ferromagnetic body, while the active magnet is faced down (in order to attach itself to the surface). The magnetic field of the pot magnet is being concentrated. Therefore, pot magnets achieve a better and stronger holding force than regular magnet of the same size. Naturally, they are magnetic only to their bottom. Pot magnets are not used over a gap as they have a shallow depth of magnetic field.

Standard Holding Magnets

Our standard holding magnets consist of 5 major series as follows:

Series A: hole & phase

Hole & Phase

Series B: hole

Series E: hanging Hook

Hanging hook

Holding Magnets Advantages:

  • best choice for using on steel surfaces.
  • unlike permanent magnets, pot magnets will not break or crack since they are protected by their metal body.
  • Easy to install.
  • best choice for hanging.
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