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N55 Magnets

N55 magnets are the strongest magnets available nowadays for commercial use. Neodymium rare earth magnets strength is measured on a scale of 24MGOe-55MGOe. These powerful magnets were developed quite recently. This new grade of neodymium magnets is 5-6 percent stronger in compare with the more common N52 grade.

Therefore, these magnets are used in specific applications requiring maximum magnetic strength in a small space. Due to its strong magnetic field, N55 grade is ideal for fine and delicate work were small size really matters. It is truly a super strong magnet. For example, Magma engineering team used these high power magnets for a newly developed magnetic bearing prototype. Magma uses finite element analysis  to ensure maximum efficiency and power.

The NdFeB magnets are used in various industries. Medicine, Biotechnology, Electronic, Auto, Military, Space and many more. Because of their unique strength in relation to their size makes them a blessed alternative to commonly larger Ferrite magnets. Their use has made for a drastic change in the way the global industry market perceives magnet functionality and size. Thus, an N55 magnet offers the best size to magnetic power ratio. As a result of their magnetic force, N55 strong magnets are ideal for holding applications.

Magma proudly produces and supplies these magnets for a wide range of applications. Please contact us for more information.

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