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Ferrite Magnets Properties

Ferrite magnets, and all permanent magnets, are used because of their magnetic properties.  Ferrite magnets properties mean their magnetic properties. Different grades of ferrite magnets have different magnetic properties. You can find explanations about the parameters (remanence, Coercive Force, maximum energy and more) in our magnet glossary page. Ceramic magnets are available in both oriented (anisotropic) and non-oriented (isotropic) grades. Most of the magnets sold by Magma are oriented (anisotropic). You will find in this page 3 types of grades (European, American & Chinese). Usually, customers are not asking for specific grades. Customers are looking for specific magnetic characteristics (the drawing of the magnet will specify the requested remanence / Br). Here are ferrite magnets Properties according to their grades:

pdfFerrite magnets grades & magnetic characteristics

Ferrite magnets are brittle and therefore should not be used where mechanical stress is applied on the magnets. Ferrite magnets can be used in relatively high temperatures. Here are some typical thermal properties of ferrite magnets:

Reversible temperature coefficient of residual induction -0.2 %/°C
Reversible temperature coefficient of intrinsic coercive field strength +0.2 to +0.5 %/°C
Curie temperature 450°C
Physical properties (Do not use ferrite magnets under mechanical stress):
Density 4.9 to 5.1 g/cm3 (4.9 to 5.1 3 103 kg/m3)
Thermal conductivity 0.007 cal/cm-sec°C (2.93 J/m-sec°C)
Electrical resistivity 106 ohm-cm (104 ohm-m)
Tensile strength 5000 psi (35 3 106 Pa)
Flexural strength 9000 psi (62 3 106Pa)
Hardness 7 Mohs

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