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This series of samarium cobalt magnets (Sm2Co17) contains 2 atoms of samarium, and up to 17 other atoms (mostly cobalt, but  also iron & copper and sometimes zirconium, Praseodymium or hafnium). The result is a higher or stronger magnetic field (Bhmax, up to 32 MgOe).

It has the best temperature coefficient off all rare earth magnets and can also be used for higher temperatures than the SmCo5 series or the neodymium NAH series. Sm2Co17 magnets can be used up to a recommended working temperature of 350° Celsius. Samarium Cobalt magnets are weaker than NdFeB magnets at room temperature. Sm2Co17 magnets will often outperform neodymium magnets when temperatures will be above 150 degree Celsius (subject to the application, magnet geometry and grade). This is actually a rule of thumb, and our engineering team will be more than happy to consult your company R&D. please use the contact form to contact us.

SmCo magnets offer minimal change in their magnetic properties over temperature changes (with far less variation than NdFeB or ferrite, although Alnico magnets are better)

samarium cobalt magnet

Sm2Co17 samarium cobalt magnets (also called samarium 2:17 series) are the number one pick while designing a magnetic application that should withstand relatively high temperatures. For example, high speed motors or when thermal stability is required (gyroscopes).

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