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Magnets for Aerospace Industry and Military

A Case Study: Special Magnetic Product


The challenge:

An existing magnetic structure with a high-precision magnetic field was just too heavy…

The solution:

Magma performed a magnetic analysis of the existing magnetic structure. A newly designed magnetic structure offered a 40% reduction in weight while maintaining the same high-precision magnetic field and same magnetic performance.

Military & Aerospace magnetic applications are designed to be used in extreme environments and to work for a long period of time.

Our vast experience, of many past projects, and our specific “know-how” in this section of the industry could become very handy.

Magma offers consulting, magnetic design, FEA, prototyping, and more for your company’s R&D, and supplies all magnets, electromagnets, or magnetic applications required.

Samarium cobalt is commonly used in aerospace & military applications, mainly due to its high working temperature. The new NdFeB 30AH and 33AH grades could be another interesting choice with a working temperature up to 240˚.

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