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Magnetic Simulation

Magnetic Simulation

Magnetic Simulation is the perfect design tool while approaching a complicated magnetic problem. With our knowledge, it can be used to achieve a high-level magnetic design. We can simulate and calculate special magnetic arrays, magnetic force (for example, if you need a unified magnetic field), torque, and many more parameters.

Finite Element Analysis

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) or Finite Element Method (FEM) computer program is used for magnetic design.  Magma’s engineers can offer unique magnetic solutions, proper tools, and more, sharing our experience according to your company’s needs.

We conduct a series of tests to determine the magnetic properties for the design: Finite Element analysis, electromagnetic field motion mapping, magnetic field mapping, 2D and 3D modeling, magnetic properties within a range of temperatures, flux density calculation, Gauss measurements, and physical strength of the magnet.

Finally, we offer an optimization of the design based on the results.

FEM analysis is a powerful tool to achieve the most accurate results faster and to avoid prototype mistakes. In a nutshell, FEM analysis enables the designer to simulate the design concepts on the computer and get results (for example, maximum torque of an electric motor) before building a prototype of this motor. From our experience, this kind of magnetic simulation has helped us solve many of our customer’s problems and helped save a considerable amount of money. It is essential to mention that the data calculated in our software is very accurate, meaning that a prototype built with the same parameters as the design (in our software) gives practically the same results as our design.

Magma uses Ansys Maxwell software for magnetic FEA analysis. Magma engineering team can accurately represent the complex geometry of the magnetic fields, calculate the effect of different material properties and give the customer an easy representation of the total solution.

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