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Magnetic Rotor

Magnetic Rotor

Magnetic rotor, or permanent magnet rotor is the non stationary part of a motor. The rotor is the moving part in an electric motor, generator and more. Magnetic rotors are designed with multiple poles. Each pole alternates in polarity (north & south). Opposite poles rotate about a central point or axis (basically, a shaft is located in the middle). This is the principal design for rotors. 

Magma can design and supply most of the rotors for her customers. Magma team is capable of simulating the rotor behaviour, calculate the forces and the torque for each type of magnetic rotor including using finite element method. We can make sure that the designed rotor will be perfect for our customer even during the initial design. We can supply whole rotors or the magnets to be used on the magnetic rotor.

magnetic rotor with shaft

Magnetic Rotor Usage

Magnetic rotors are primary used in electric motors, but there are many other interesting uses for this type of magnetic assembly. They are used also in electric generators and wind turbines. Please contact us for further question and information.

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