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Linear Solenoids

Linear Solenoids

Solenoids have various structures and properties and are utilized in several applications. A linear solenoid converts electric energy into linear movement. The length of this movement is called a stroke, and the force of the stroke is measured in Newton (N). Different applications require different strokes and power.                                           

There are several uses for electric linear solenoids. For instance, you can find them in door locks, automation technology, medical equipment, and more.

Magma provides a wide range of linear solenoids, including custom-made solenoids, to meet the customer’s needs and the application’s specifications.

Our Linear Solenoids

Frame Linear Solenoids

Frame linear solenoids are used in many industries.

Tubular Linear Solenoids

Tubular Linear solenoids are highly dependable and sturdy.

Double Coil Solenoids

Double coil solenoids have two solenoid coils.
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