Conversion factor of magnetic mesurements
To convert CGS value in To the following in St  units Multiply CGS value by
Gauss Webster/ square meter 10-4
Gauss Tesla 10-4
Gauss Ampere-turns 0.7958
Gilbert/cm Ampere-turns/meter 79.58
Maxwells Webers 104
Oersteds Ampere-turns/meter 79.58


St to CGS
To convert St value in To the following in CGS  units Multiply St value by
Webster/ square meter Gauss 104
Tesla Gauss 104
Ampere-turns Gauss 1.257
Ampere-turns/meter Gilberts/cm 0.01257
Webers Maxwells 10-4
Ampere-turns/meter Oersteds 0.01257

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