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Magnetic Separators

Magnetic separators for removing tramp iron and sorting metals


Ceramic magnets (SrFe) - rings, discs, blocks and segments

Rare Earth Magnets

All grades of NdFeB and SmCo

Electromagnets & Solenoids

Standard and customized electromagnets and solenoids

Magnetic Assemblies

Magnetic motor and clutch assemblies


AlNiCo magnets are versatile both for their high Curie point and isotropic or anisotropic orientation

Radial Sintered Magnets

A new technology powered by Magma has enabled for the creation of a super strong, durable single-cast radially magnetized magnet.

N55 Magnets

N55 is the strongest magnet available nowadays for commercial use, and is known as a “super strength” magnet.


Magma Magnets

Since its establishment, over 30 years ago, Magma Magnetic Technologies has been a dominant force developing and supplying cutting-edge magnetic solutions on a global scale.

Through the years we have specialized in the research and incorporation of magnets for all industries and applications - from magnetic separators for the food industry, through magnetic assemblies for automobiles to magnetically controlled waterline systems ensuring steady flow and use of green energy.

Magma sells and designs Ferrite magnets, as well as Rare Earth Neodymium magnets and Samarium-Cobalt magnets. These can be used for electromagnetic applications and solenoids, as well as for our latest breakthrough technology- radial sintered magnets, revolutionizing the automotive and medical industry.

We offer custom-made magnets, fit to your unique needs. Our services include designing, advising and immaculate quality control examinations, suitable for the highest standards worldwide. We have a fully functioning state-of-the-art laboratory equipped with the best machinery, and offer FEM analysis for both prototypes and existing products.

Our engineering division will gladly assist you to help optimize the use of our magnets in your product. 

Magma – The single source for all your magnetic needs.