Magma operates a state-of-the-art QA laboratory and supplies a wide variety of magnetization services, magnetism assessment and analysis and can design, simulate and supply magnetic material and assemblies.

Aside from the traditional magnetic applications such as DC motors and clutches, Magma also designs and produces magnetic separation units which are produced in a variety of forms. These serve to remove ferrous impurities and tramp iron from all types of bulk materials, to protect machinery that would be damaged by such impurities and also are used to recover metals (not just magnetic iron) in the metal recycling industry. In addition, Magma also produces conveyors such as are used in canning factories. The choice of separator type and the magnets used depends on many factors such as the nature of the bulk material (liquid, powder, solid), the size and flow rate of the material being processed, the ambient temperature, the average size of the magnetic pieces and so on.

Magma can design and install the appropriate device for either an existing production line or to build in to a new plant.

Electromagnets and solenoids can be designed, prototyped and produced in all quantities.