D frame Solenoids (large)

D frame Solenoids (large)

D shaped solenoids are used frequently in a lot of industries.Its simple design and its reliability  makes them the perfect choice for quite a few applications. The D type large electromagnet is being in automation lines, machinery etc. Those electromagnets are supplied designed to work with 12VDC / 24VDC (other voltages on request).
The basic type is pull type solenoids. Also available are push solenoids, pull solenoids with return spring and push solenoids with return spring.

Recommended maximum working temperature:  150 degree.

Force (N):   10-500

Stroke (mm) :  10-30

Our standard largeD shape solenoids:


catalog number size [mm]Hub stable
39_35_40 6040 32 10 0.4 
39_45_40 7560 48 201.13 
39_65_40 9070 60 25 1.9 
39_75_40 10080 70 30 2.9 


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