cylinder Solenoids (large)

Cylinder Solenoids (large)

Cylinder solenoids are used because of their  stable design and its reliability. Those electromagnets are supplied designed to work with 12VDC / 24VDC (other voltages on request).
The basic type is pull type solenoids. Also available are push solenoids, pull solenoids with return spring and push solenoids with return spring.

Recommended maximum working temperature:  150 degree.

Force (N):    10-650

Stroke (mm) :  10-50

Our standard large cylinder solenoids:


item number

Type Size [mm]

Rated power
38_65_40 608627 1.3 
38_75_40 756515/20 1.7 
38_95_40 9095 48 4.5 
38_15_40 125 15084 9.6 


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