Magnets R&D

Magnets R&D is our expertise. Magma’s engineering operates as part of our customers R&D team, simple as that. Our experience, knowledge and know how is our greatest added value to our customers. When designing an application that uses magnets or electromagnets – we can help your company.

Magnetic design and magnetic consulting are a niche and requires special tools and knowledge. Magma will give you R&D support during the whole R&D stage. We will be happy to give your company consulting, design and analysis services and supply you with magnets for your prototypes. Our goal is to make your product work perfectly as we design it to your specific requirements.

Magma team can help you with basic magnets design and magnetic consulting. Our design tools include magnetic field mapping, FEA, and more. We can introduce your engineering team to new design options. Our team is familiar with all the new magnetic innovation. Our team was involved in many projects regarding magnets, and many types of applications and different industries. Because of that fact we are capable of delivering a lot of good ideas to your engineering team. Please do not hesitate to contact us in any design question you might have.

Magnets R&D

Please contact us for any questions regarding magnetic application design, Finite element analysis, special magnets and generally R&D how to Questions? Our experts will be happy to assist.

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