Cylinder Solenoids (small)

Cylinder solenoids are used because of their  stable design and its reliability. Those electromagnets are supplied designed to work with 12VDC / 24VDC (other voltages on request).
The basic type is pull type solenoids. Also available are push solenoids, pull solenoids with return spring and puscylinder solenoidh solenoids with return spring.

Recommended maximum working temperature:  150 degree.

Force (N):    0.3-30

Stroke (mm) :  1.5-20

Our standard small cylinder solenoids:

catalog number

Type Size [mm]

Rated power
diameter height
33_1_43 Ø13 26 4 24
33_1_46 Ø16 32 5.5 48
33_2_43 Ø20 40 7 82
33_2_45 Ø25 50 10 86
33_3_42 Ø38 64 17 510

Interested in one of our standard solenoids? Tailor made solenoidss? We will be happy to assist.